Searching for Henri Chedeville in Philadelphia

Last year was my first mouthpiece trip to Philadelphia.  Richie Hawley was in town, and we met at Mark Jacobi’s house and worked on a few mouthpieces.  We were visiting Donald Montanaro later in the evening – Don had some old Cheds that needed fixing.  We finished a bit early at Mark’s house, so decided to take a drive across town to find Henri Chedeville’s former workshop, 634 N 18th St.  What a treat to find the house is still standing!



3 thoughts on “Searching for Henri Chedeville in Philadelphia

  1. Wow…that’s important history in the clarinet world! I always wondered if Henri Chedeville ever met Moennig…probably not as they were from significantly different time periods. What a great history of clarinet playing Philadelphia has!

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