Thoughts on Kaspar

Pictured is a vintage Kaspar Cicero 13 Bb mouthpiece, formerly owned by Robert Marcellus. I have worked on several mouthpieces that belonged to Mr Marcellus, and have to say, he knew how to pick a mouthpiece. This example is outstanding – was in original condition until it came to its current owner who had me … More Thoughts on Kaspar


I am excited to announce the newest addition to my catalogue: Philadelphia.  This design has been in the works for several years, and after much research and development I am pleased to offer it for sale.   Listed below are a few responses from the first batch of Philadelphia models, sold in June, 2018 “Influenced … More Philadelphia

Wodkowski Mouthpieces – Spotlight on the 1 and 1B

1 and 1B These siblings are the most traditional models from my catalogue. Steeped in history, their design and style spans a century of French and American clarinet tradition. The 1 and 1B were derived from my experience studying and working with hundreds of vintage French clarinet mouthpieces and the professional players who use them … More Wodkowski Mouthpieces – Spotlight on the 1 and 1B

Wodkowski Mouthpieces

I am pleased to announce the release of my full line of Bb clarinet mouthpieces. These are the culmination of nearly 20 years of mouthpiece crafting and research, and many years working as a professional clarinettist.  My new models incorporate a wide spectrum of tip openings, curves and chamber configurations, to cater to nearly every … More Wodkowski Mouthpieces

ICA Article – Full Verson

Full version of my interview with Richard MacDowell and Larry Guy, published in the current edition of The Clarinet. —————————————————————————————— Mouthpiece Madness — Part VI An Interview with Ramon Wodkowski by Richard MacDowell and Larry Guy   During the past few years, Ramon Wodkowski’s meticulous work as a mouthpiece craftsman, redesigner and maker has won … More ICA Article – Full Verson

Meliphone and early 20th century clarinet mouthpiece production

Last month I acquired a wonderful mouthpiece which I thought to share – a mint condition block letter Meliphone Bb clarinet mouthpiece, circa pre 1920. This mouthpiece is a rare piece of mouthpiece history, as it bears the initials of two significant French makers: Eugene Bercioux and Charles Chedeville. Meliphone clarinet mouthpieces were made during … More Meliphone and early 20th century clarinet mouthpiece production

Germany Calling

A few months ago I had the pleasure of travelling to Lubeck, Germany to meet and work with Sabine Meyer, Reiner Wehle and the students of the Lubeck Hoschule. Although I had previously refurbished many German and Austrian mouthpieces, this was my first time in Germany, working on large numbers first hand with the players … More Germany Calling